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Free Roaming Karoo Chicken

We made absolutely sure that we sourced the best chicken produce that the Karoo can offer from a taste and moral perspective. Our chickens are raised in the Noorsveld area just south of Graaff Reinet in the eastern part of the Karoo. Our birds are antibiotics and hormone free, hence the juicy and tender texture.
The meat we eat is crucial for our health.

The Free Roaming Technique

Free roaming is a special farming technique, in which chickens are left to roam free. In other words, they are not confined or caged. There is no doubt that this is a much more humane method of raising chickens. The chickens are allowed to forage for themselves almost completely which means that they are practicing a more natural and healthier lifestyle.

What makes free roaming chickens the best option?

High-quality free roaming chicken is superior to battery raised chicken in more than one way. To start with, when you consume high-quality free roaming chicken, you will see that your body is processing the meat faster and without any hassles. So, you don’t need any scientific studies that will confirm that free range chicken is better. When the meat is processed without any problems, this means that all the amino acids, proteins and other nutrients found in the meat are absorbed by the body easier and delivered to every cell that needs them..

While we are talking about the content, it is good to mention that high-quality free-roaming chicken has less fat. Since they have everything it needs to build more muscle, this means that they have less fat. It is interesting that free roaming chicken shrinks just a little bit when it is cooked and it is usually cooked with a small amount of fat. In addition, you can rest assured that the meat is not packed with antibiotics.

What is even more important is that there is a huge difference in the appearance and taste too. Free roaming meat has a much better taste compared to other types of meat. Those who have tasted it can confirm that it is much juicier. In addition, it comes with a natural colour. This is not a surprise because chickens that live in free roaming conditions have access to pasture and insects that make their diet natural. They also have a chance to exercise which makes their meat softer and tastier. This might explain why our whole chickens weigh between 1.6 and 1.9kg, but still have the juicy texture of a smaller chicken.

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