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Meat Cuts - Lamb (& Game)

Lamb Shoulder

The lamb shoulder is often roasted, in which case it is usually boned and rolled; it can be stuffed as well. Lamb shoulder is also sometimes cut into chops, though these chops are not as desirable as the rib or loin chops. Lamb shoulder can also be cooked with moist heat, such as braising.


Rack of Lamb

Surprisingly easy to prepare at home, the rack offers versatility for entertaining. The rack of lamb is an icon of fine dining menus. A rack of lamb always makes an elegant dinner. It is expensive and a somewhat small cut, though, so it is best served as part of a menu that includes several other dishes, like a soup or fish course, potatoes and string beans, and a salad.


Loin Chops

One of the most readily available cuts in the case at the butcher shop. These are mini T-bone steaks cut from the waist of the lamb. Lamb loin chops contain almost one muscle.


Lamb Shank

The shanks are the lower section of the animal's leg. The lamb shank is the basis of braised lamb shanks, a dish that's a favourite of chefs for its fall-off-the-bone tenderness and particularly succulent consistency and flavour. Lamb shanks are usually oven braised with a good red wine, vegetables, and herbs in a roasting pot; they can also be made successfully in a slow cooker.

Leg of Lamb

Cone shaped, lamb hind legs are a twisted mass of muscles, sinew, and fat, but the whole leg can be roasted, with or without smoke. The bone-in-leg is perfect for any holiday celebration or special occasion.


Lamb Ribs

One of the most cost-conscious cuts of lamb. Some butchers actually sell the front seven ribs in a slab with the loin muscle removed.